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We are a group for residents of North Town in Taunton.  We came together in response to the Coronavirus crisis of Spring 2020. We knew that some members of our community - those who found themselves housebound, self-isolating or otherwise vulnerable - would need practical help and support to get through the crisis. A network of local volunteers - all North Town residents - was set up to provide free support to anyone in need. Crises come and go. Who knows what will follow Coronavirus. Our intention is to provide a reliable source of help when it is needed for anyone in our neighbourhood - not just in times of extraordinary crisis but at all times. Everyone faces challenges at some point in their life - no one should have to face them alone. As a neighbourhood we want to look out for each other.  

Our Constitution and Policies

Our Constitution

NTCS Safeguarding Policy

NTCS Volunteer Guidelines

NTCS Equality & Diversity Policy

NTCS Data Protection & Privacy Policy

NTCS Health & Safety Policy

'How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.' Anne Frank

Our Mission
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